Old Joe's Mercantile

The Westerners Home Ranch has a number of WI related items which are kept for the convenience of members. Some are free and some are for sale.

Among the free items, which are mailed out to corrals for the asking, our WI membership cards and informational brochures which can be used to pass out to new members or placed in museums, libraries or other places where they might attract the attention of prospective members.
Square, Clear Lucite Paperweight
Etched with Old Joe
3" x 3"
$8.00 *
Round, Clear Lucite Paperweight
Etched with Old Joe
4" diameter
$10.00 *
Old Joe Bola with Leather Tie
2.5” Antique Gold Buffalo Skull on 36” Lanyard with Tips
$15.00 *
Past Sheriff Lapel Pin / Tie Tac
7/8” diameter
$6.00 *
Board Member Lapel Pin / Tie Tac
7/8” diameter
$6.00 *
Old Joe Lapel Pin
5/8” long skull
Bright Gold Color
$7.50 *
Wood Speaker's Gift or
Past President's Trophy
5" x 7"
$15.00 *
WI Bookplates
25 for $1.00
WI Informational Brochure
Free to Members
Old Joe Decal
3 1/2" diameter
10 for $1.50
Small Old Joe Decals
1" diameter, 2 strips of 5
Free to Members
Membership Cards
Free to Members
*Postage included. Items may be ordered by calling the WI office at (800) 541-4650, or by email.