Corrals & Posses

2004 Award Winners

Co-Founders "Best Book" Award

1st Place, Norman E. Tutorow, San Francisco Corral
The Governor:  The Life and Legacy of Leland Stanford, A California Colossus

2nd Place, Charles H. Harris, III, and Louis R. Sadler, Rio Bravo Corral
The Texas Rangers and The Mexican Revolution:  The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920

3rd Place, Kristie Miller, Flagstaff Corral
Isabella Greenway: An Enterprising Woman

"Coke" Wood Award for Monographs and Articles

1st Place Erik Berg, Scottsdale Corral

2nd Place, Giles Toll, Denver Posse

3rd Place, Jerry Keenan, Boulder Corral

Philip A. Danielson Award for Best Programs

1st Place, Bruce Fee, Prescott Corral

2nd Place, Peter Hassrick, Pahaska Corral

3rd Place, Walt Davis, Palo Duro Corral

Fred Olds Western Poetry Award

1st Place, Jane Ambrose Molton, Pikes Peak Corral
Turning to Face the Wind

2nd Place Loren Wendt, Los Angeles Corral
An Eventful Night in Tombstone

Heads Up Award

For Corrals organized prior to 1973
Los Angeles Corral, Paul H. Rippens, sheriff

For Corrals organized 1973 and after
Pahaska Corral, Cody WY, Sarah Boehme, sheriff

Foreign Corrals
Texas Rangers Corral, Czech Republic, Jerry “Danny” Dvorak, sheriff

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