Corrals & Posses

2009 Award Winners

Co-Founders "Best Book" Award

1st Place: Elliott West, Huntington Corral
The Last Indian War: The Nez Perce Story
Oxford University Press

2nd Place: Chuck Parsons, English Westerners Society
The Sutton-Taylor Feud
University of North Texas Press

3rd Place: Duane A. Smith, Durango Corral
The Trail of Gold and Silver: Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009
University Press of Colorado

"Coke" Wood Award for Monographs and Articles

1st Place: John H. Monnett, Boulder Corral

2nd Place: Robert J. Chandler, San Francisco Corral

3rd Place: Rex C. Myers, Pahaska Corral

Philip A. Danielson Award for Best Programs

1st Place: Gary A. Turner, Los Angeles Corral

2nd Place: Rex C. Myers, Pahaska Corral

3rd Place: Joe Briggs, DVM, Prescott Corral

Fred Olds Western Poetry Award

1st Place: Tim Heflin, Los Angeles Corral

2nd Place: Gary Turner, Los Angeles Corral

Heads Up Award

For Corrals organized prior to 1973
Los Angeles Corral, Los Angeles, California
Michael Patris, Sheriff

For Corrals organized 1973 and later
Abraham Lincoln Corral, Bismarck, North Dakota
William F. Hodny, Sheriff

Overseas Corrals
Linz Corral, Linz, Austria
Hans Jorg Ratzenboeck, Sheriff

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